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In advance regarding the products:
If you are seeking "cruelty free", environmentally friendly, and health friendly products.
You are at the right place :)
If products with the above qualities are important, but you rather would like to buy products what are good for our environement for a good, having economicaly high value for your household , you dont need to seek further.
You can test yourself the Quality and the Reasonability of the Prices with 90 Days Satisfaction Warranty.

The products are lasting long, these products are the most economical products on the Market.
Regarding my calculations by using these products you can save each year 50.000 Ft a year/ a user who is using the products in your household.

Everybody starts their life with the same thoughts, striving for success, building a good carreer, having a secure workplace having and maintaining excelent health, having quality relationships, and spend time with our friends and family. We started ours with the same hopes also. With hard work and focus and lots of time invested, we with my girlfriend we have achieved multiple kind of "dreampositions" in the corporate life.

But even though the higher we in our carreer got, we have realized, that we have less time for each other, we have less time for our friends, we have less time to live for our hobbies, had almost no time to do sports...
We have decided that we want to create something which grants security not just for us, but also for our future children. We want to spend time in the future with our children, raise them and spend time with them. So if we think like it, we want to give back the mother and the father back to children, leading a life with least stress possible, and spendig time with the family, while spending as less time on workplace ..

Currently we are working together with multiple friends and families, building security, not for us, but which will also last for our children. When we will have children we want to be examples for them. We want to keep our health and energie, doing a lots of sports, spending quality time with friends and family...
So we are working focused for our, for our familes, and for our friends goals, doing a meaningful work, and having lots of fun during it

We are also greatful for the quality people and relationships who we have already met and whom we will meet further down the road.

Sooo one question is remaining: Currently what are you building? Where is your life heading to?
And what you would like to build, where you would like to have your life heading to?
If you would think something is missing from your life, or you are looking for a tool with the use of which you can reach your goals, then we can help you with all our hearth :)
We are buliding and helping to build security for people, a second leg of security, beside keeping your workplace, keeping your hobbies, and tto have the chance to spend more time with your family.

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+36 70 9078857
Skype:ztimar89Skype call

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If you need advice, presentation or want to browse printed catalogue brochure, please contact me.

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